To obtain credentials and access TAP, an authorized tribal user will complete an online application by following easy steps listed below:

1) Using the common Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome), type the secure web address,, or go to the main NIGC web page and type the address Look for the Tribal Access Portal (TAP) and click on the link.
2) Create an account by using the tribal user’s work email and follow the friendly user instruction on the secure website.
3) After completing an online application, an automatic email is sent to the user and a copy of the acknowledgment of application is sent to the corresponding regional office. The regional office will verify the tribal user’s employment with the tribe.
4) Upon approval by the regional office, an automated approval email will be sent to the tribal user.
5) After the receipt of the approval by the tribal user, the tribal user will log in with their credentials and will be redirected to the “APPLICANT'S HISTORY RELATION WITH THE TRIBE” page.
6) In the “APPLICANT'S HISTORY RELATION WITH THE TRIBE” page, the tribal user can enter the first name, last name and social security number of the prospective applicant, and a list of tribal names and contacts will appear below. Also if there are known alias or other names, the alias or another name will appear.

For details, please contact the corresponding regional office listed below:

I.    Portland Regional Office
      Solomon Building, Suite 212
      620 SW Main Street
      Portland, OR 97205
      Tel: (503) 326-5095
      1) Vicki Naval-Geistlinger -
      2) Steven Steiner –    

II.  Sacramento Regional Office
      801 I Street
      Suite 489
      Sacramento, CA 95814
      Tel: (916) 414-2300
      1) Angela Eutsler -
      2) Kimberly Khuu - 

III. Phoenix Regional Office
      3636 North Central Avenue
      One Columbus Plaza, Suite 880
      Phoenix, AZ 85012
      Tel: (602) 640-2951
      1) ILeana  Larios -

IV. St. Paul Regional Office
      380 Jackson Street
      Suite 420
      St. Paul, MN 55101
      Tel: (651) 290-4004
      1)   Danielle Buck  -

V.  Tulsa Regional Office
      224 South Boulder
      Room 301
      Tulsa, OK 74103
      Tel: (918) 581-7924
      1)    Christie Jamison –
      2)    Tim Harper -

VI. Washington, DC Regional Office
      Mailing Address:
      NIGC Attn: whoever it is addressed to C/O Department of the Interior
      1849 C Street NW
      Mail Stop #1621
      Washington, DC 20240
      Tel: (202) 632-7003
      1)   Keith Hicks -

VII. Oklahoma City Regional Office
        215 Dean A. McGee Ave.
        Suite 218
       Oklahoma City, OK 73102
       Tel: (405) 609-8626
      1)   Angela Stroope -
      2)   Dana Dinkins -